Canon S90 P&S Camera

Ohhh, the joy of carrying around a camera, the size of my palm and gaining instant satisfaction from a great photograph. That's what I experienced when I took my brand new Canon S90 P&S camera along with me to visit my Brother on his birthday. I have plenty of shots from his home that I've taken in the past, and none of them were as pleasing as the ones I'm about to share with you.

Here are some outside shots all shot entirely in a low light setting. The only available light were the tea candles, some tiki torches...mostly fire light. Was around 9-11pm when I took them. Awesome weather this weekend for drinking outside :)

All shots were jpeg at f/2 (one of them was at f/2.2), ISO800 and with a -.3 to -.7 exposure step. All hand held (of course!). For the camera's size and on the fly ring settings, I really couldn't ask for more in such a small, pocket-able package.

I'll be putting together a little review with some comparisons and more samples. So far, it's a winner. There some nasty compression after uploading to imageshack, but here they are. All the metadata should be there as well.


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