What's in my bag?

Well, I love film. I love Digital. I love excessiveness...:)

Here is my P&S bag I usually grab on my way out and throw in the car. Everything I need is here to snap away an any situation.


-Spec-Ops butt pack with add-on pouch
-Kata bag to hold the film cameras
-Acer AspireOne mini 8.9" mini laptop
-Maxor USB hard drive, 160GB with neoprene sleeve
-Zing neoprene pouch
-Olympus XA
-Olympus XA2
-Pentax UC-1 (espio mini)
-Blackberry curve with earphones...love me some Pandora and Slacker radio!
-Sigma DP2
-Ricoh GRD (for shooting in B&W)
-Moleskin, Rhodia and an all weather note pad
-Micron markers, Copic


Anonymous said...

Some nice toys you have there! Love your cameras, and the Rhodia. :)

So I noticed that you have DP2, XA, and GRD. They're all about the same size. What do you use each for and what are your thoughts on their comparison to each other? (I'm shopping for something in that size range myself!)

David Zamora said...

Heyy, thanks for being the first to comment on my site :)

Yeah, I actually configure my bag differently depending on what I'm doing, or where I'm going.

The XA is a great film shooter and it's a rangefinder, so manual focus is rather quick. I like to use it indoors in low light. The lens is coated really nicely so it produces great color and BW shots...great wide angle too. It's the most undetectable camera I have when shooting, excellent for candids and street shots. THe DP2 is a little larger, focus is slow and the screen is horrible. With that said, I shoot with manual focus mostly, has excellent IQ and really is an SLR quality camera that can be taken anywheres. I love it. Just takes time to get used to. The GRD is still my alltime favorite PS camera and is just amazing. I usually only shoot in RAW when using digital cameras, but the GRD was designed to shoot in jpeg. The reason why is because it has the BEST B&W jpeg shots I've ever seen come from a digital camera. It truly does reproduce the grain and contrast like BW film. And it's so small! I carry this in my pocket and it's built like a tank. It's also the speediest camera to shoot with...great bonus. I use the GRD primarily for BW shots on the fly. The color on the GRD is horrible...I don't recommend shooting in color with it.

If I were looking into a high quality PS camera with full manual contral, I'd look into buying the Ricoh GRD (if you want to shoot BW primarily), or, if you want to shoot both color and BW, I'd suggest the RIcoh GRD II. It doesnt have the excellent grain like the GRD, but comes close, and shoots wonderful color shots when in RAW mode.

Well, good luck getting your 'shooter' camera and thanks again for visiting my site!!

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