A 'test roll' shot from my new P&S mighty cam, the Sigma DP2!

Well, I bit the bullet and bought the Sigma DP2. It's the most expensive non-SLR camera I've purchased, but it's essentially my SLR replacement camera. It has the biggest sensor of any P&S on the market and the image quality beats anything out there that can be stowed away in a pocket..well, a large pocket :)

Here's a sample shot I took while visiting my Brother. This is a friend of ours I took a quick snap of that night.

It's really amazing how crappy the picture looks on the DP2's little LCD screen...I really had no clue how amazing the image quality would be after I saw it as a RAW file on my PC. So much data was packed into this RAW image you can adjust anything you need (I only shoot in raw...except for my Ricoh GRD).

I could have never edited this photo as you see it, had it been shot as a jpeg.


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