Eagle Pass trip

This weekend my Dad, Stepmom and myself took a road trip to Eagle Pass, Texas for my cousins wedding. Having a population of only 22k and being extremely dry and hot, it's no wonder the city was 'behind the times'. Here's some shots I took with the DP2 during the trip. My poor Ricoh GRD didn't get any game time...I guess I'm still moonlighting with the Sigma.

All shots were at iso400.

The Oakridge Smokehouse - Sigma Dp2, f10, 1/640 sec

As far back as I can remember, when my family would take road trips down to Asherton, Texas (near Eagle Pass), we would stop by the Oakridge Smokehouse. It's a mom and pop convenient store that's been there forever. They sell the best homemade beef jerky I've ever had. They have quite a few other homemade goodies as well.

One of many dusty road stations - Sigma Dp2, f11, 1/1000 sec

Lucky Eagle Casino - Sigma Dp2, f6, 1/250 sec

We spent quite a few hours here at the Lucky Eagle. Pretty good payouts. Not for me though. Oh yeah, it's the only real casino left in Texas.

Dad - Sigma Dp2, f4, 1/125 sec

Dave and Akane - Sigma Dp2, f5, 1/125 sec

Wedding shot - Sigma Dp2, f2.8, 1/50 sec

Lala and Dad - Sigma Dp2, f2.8, 1/140 sec


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